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I am an artist who has faith in God. This blog is intended to share my photography and paintings inspired by God’s scriptures that speak to me.

Where eagles dare to soar

22382279_10155741307609919_7398437639299068597_oMan has used the eagle as a symbol of beauty, bravery, courage, honour, pride, determination and grace.  It is often used to associate with leadership.  We can learn  many things from studying an eagle.  Let us investigate the mannerisms of an eagle .

Eagles often flock together and enjoy flying at high altitudes.  Will always fight to win its prey or regain it’s territory.  They see long distances, as far away as 50 miles and can spot their prey or enemy.  They have a strong vision so they can identify their prey and focus on it until they get it.  This vision is a double vision where they can see forward as well as sideways simultaneously.  The eagle flies 10,000 feet in the air and glide within the current of the storm.  They use the wind to rise higher and to carry them in flight so they don’t have to use their own energy.  God designed them to lock their wings in a fixed position in the midst of the fierce storm winds.

In courtship the female takes the male into the air with a stick in it’s beak.  As they soar, she drops the stick and the male has to fly, catch it and bring it back to her.  She flies to a higher altitude and drops the stick again.  This is repeated until the female is assured that the male has mastered the art of catching the stick in love and affection.  Once they trust each other they mate for life.

Eagles always build their nests on high places, away from their enemies.  God puts his children in high places far above the reach of the enemy Ps 91:14.  The female eagle nurtures her young until it is time for them to leave the nest.  She places the little one on her back, spreads her wings and flies high.  Suddenly she swoops out from under the eaglet and allows it to fall, she then catches it again until it has understood it’s wings are for flying.  If the eaglet is slow to learn she starts to tear the nest apart until there is nothing left for the eaglet to cling onto, she gently nudges him off the edge.

When eagles are about 30 years old, they become weak because their feathers are worn.  They will retire to the cleft of a rock and begin to pull their feathers out until they are completely bald.  They then sit and wait until new feathers grow and once more they can fly majestically, living another 30 to 40 years.  This time of waiting is about 5 months and during this time they never give up.

The painting I did was inspired by Isaiah 40:29-31.  Those who hope and wait on the Lord shall renew their strength.  It’s an unshakeable hope and trust in God.  The word hope in Hebrew means a rope or string which is used to attach one thing to another.  When you place your unshakable hope in God, you are  attaching yourself to the Almighty.  Your old worn out and exhausted power is renewed with God’s fresh, youthful energy.

God created

Ps 33:6 tells us “By the word of the Lord were the heavens made and all the host of them by the breath of his mouth”. In the Talmud it is said that the breath refers to the sound of the letter “Hey”which means the out breathing of Spirit. This confirms what the scriptures say in Genesis 1:2 that the Spirit was moving, hovering, brooding over the face of the waters. In Genesis 1:3 we are told that God spoke and created. As an artist I find this awesome and would have loved to have been there to see God creating his master piece. I take days and sometimes months to create one painting yet the Almighty God spoke and instantly created. How sad it is that man can not comprehend this and tries to fathom a human thinking of how the world was formed. As christians we know and believe the power of what God did. In an instant the heavens, plants, stars, galaxies etc were perfectly formed. How awesome is that!!

I love the statements after each day of creation that God looked at it and it was good. Both light and darkness were good. He separated the light from the darkness. The Hebrew word for “separation ” is a positive allocation, a separate existence, a separate purpose. Even after the fall, God was graces and used the Light to awaken, stimulate and give us an opportunity to create and work whilst God intended the darkness/night to rest and refresh us.

Its interesting to note that this light was created before the sun on the 4th day. The sages believe that this first light is for the future of the messianic fulfillment. This ties up with what Christians believe. Jesus, the messiah said “I am the light of the world”. We also know jesus was there with God during creation and the end tells us the new city will not have the sun and moon shining forth because God’s light is all it will need. It’s beautiful how creation starts with God’s light and ends with it too.

This oil painting on canvas was done in 2008 was inspired by Genesis 1:2. I donated it to a counselling group called “its good 2 talk”, Wexford because I found it fitting. They speak and bring healing and restoration to many.

Research: the secret of hebrew words by Benjamin BLECH p 30 ;Berieishis p 42; Strong concordance, John 9:5; Rev 21:23 & Rev 22:5

God said”let there be light “

God is light and in him there is no darkness. If you find yourself in a dark lonely place allow Gods light to come into your life and expel the darkness. I find reading his word changes my mood and lifts me up. Light is amazing it illuminates the beauty around us and brings understanding. GIVE God permission to bring His clear light into your life and give Him permission to speak to you through his word, verifying His secrets to you. This will draw you closer to Him and flood you with peace. He can be the light in your darkest hour.

Genesis 1:3,1 John1:5, Psalm 118:27

Being obedient to my calling.

For the last few days I have been down and discouraged until I realised I need to do some art that would minister to others. Three years ago the Lord gave a lovely Christian girl from America a word for me. Now I need to tell you, she didn’t know me nor did she know the dream I had had. She came over to me and this is what she said. I see: you have a huge canvas in front of you and you are painting in large gestures. I also see you with postcards that you have painted and are handing out to people in the street with words of encouragement on them. God wants to use your art and talent for his glory.

I was thrilled as I had seen myself in a dream painting and using my art to encourage people. In the dream I was handing out works of my art on post card sizes. God was encouraging me and confirming to me his plan for my life.

Yes I got side tracked and tried to just be a professional artist but today I came to realization I needed to be obedient to his calling as well, so here I am. Come with me on this journey and let’s learn together and encourage one another.